FREE TRAINING: For Real Estate Investors, Wholesalers & Agents Who Are Struggling To Consistently Close Deals... 
Double The Number of Deals You Put Under Contract in 4 Weeks or Less Using The Power of "Psychological Deal Triggers" 

Thursday, May 25th

@ 11:00AM PST, 1:00PM CST, 2:00PM EST

Claude Diamond

Claude is a Best Selling Author, National Speaker and Real Estate Sales Trainer with Over 30 Years of Experience Helping Thousands of Real Estate Investors & Wholesalers Boost Their Confidence, Eliminate Rejection and Close More Deals Using The Art & Science of Persuasion.
What You Will Get On This Free Training:
  • If you’re tired of wasting your time on tire-kickers, you'll discover how to qualify the seller in 3 minutes or less so you're only talking with "ready to sign" sellers. 
  •  If you lack the confidence, you'll discover a quick 2-minute exercise you can do before you get on a call with a seller to get a surge of confidence. 
  •  If you’re constantly getting rejected, you'll discover how to use “Trigger #1” to open up your conversation with a seller and force them to listen to you.
  • If you have a hard time negotiating price, you'll discover why sellers resist your price and how to effortlessly negotiate the deal YOU want.
  •  If you struggle to know what to say to a seller, you'll discover the 3 step “success staircase” to know exactly what to say at every stage of the conversation.
  •  If you have a hard time overcoming objections, you'll discover how to use “Trigger #5” to turn the table on the seller and crush their objections. 
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